Welcome to the ~2022 Winter Pyramid Open Collab - Now through Feb 8th

:: Welcome to the 2022 Winter Pyramid Open Music Collab ::

We’re doing a two-part event where we use our pyramids to share midi and then share music we make with that shared midi. Simple right?

All experience levels encouraged to participate. This is a more the merrier type of event. This is going to be a fun way to get to jam with other pyramid musicians, hone your pyramid skills, and see what everyone else is up to.

:: Overview ::
The idea is that anyone who wants to can start or contribute to a midi pack. A midi pack is a collection of midi that goes together. It could be one midi file or it could be a few midi tracks from one of your projects.

Other people will download your midi pack from online storage. You can do two things with the midi pack: make more midi and upload it and add to the pack and make music with the midi in the pack

Once people make music, they can upload that music to this thread to share.

That’s it. Everything else is details.

Important dates:
**Soft goal to complete all midi work by Jan 8th **
**Wrap up music by Feb 8th **

:: Details ::

**Uploads and Downloads **
For all uploads and downloads, please just reach out to @OxOnFord via pm and he’ll set you up. We’re sharing with a google drive. Think: append to the packs, do not overwrite.

Part 1a – Making a midi packge – deadline Jan 8th

Midi packs are intended to be a little more general than your standard project. You’ll need a computer to format your midi pack for upload.

  • First - Author your midi in a pyramid project - make some sweet music
  • On your pc, prepare a folder. Name it like this, squarphandle_title
  • Inside that folder, copy all your midi tracks
  • rename each track based on the ‘role’ the track plays. Like, drums hats bass. If you write music that doesn’t conform to anything anyone else understands, just do your best
  • Optional: include sound files generated from your midi
  • Optional: make a ‘notes’ file that gives people hints at like sound design
  • Optional: provide inspiration in the folder, like a picture or a poem about Shakespeare’s pants
  • zip it and see upload instructions

If you want a template to see how it works, check out @CreepyPants awesome midi pack already available.

Part 1b – Contributing to a midi package – deadline Jan 8th

  • Download a midi package
  • Author new midi tracks. Please do not modify someone else’s tracks for uploading.
  • Pull the midi to your computer and rename the tracks per above
  • Upload the midi track to the google drive

Part 2 – Music

  • Download some midi packs and play them on your synths.
  • No rules - change midi, make sound patches, use or don’t use inspiration in the packs.
  • Upload formats can be anything we can play in this forum: youtube, soundcloud are two of my favorites (i’ll use youtube personally)
  • Upload to this forum so we can all get in on it.

Uploads to this forum are allowed whenever you have some music you’re ready to share.

:: Fine Print ::

Feedback: Keep all feedback positive. If you want someone to tear your work apart, do it off thread. Let’s encourage everyone around us to participate and have fun exploring their pyramid and synths.

Expectations: The intention is that music is whatever it is - there are no rules. I for one am going to take music right off my dawless rig, stereo out baby. I don’t intend to try to make a fully produced track, but rather - just make music with my pyramid and show you. If you end up wanting to do more or less, well, whatever you want to share is encouraged.

Again - IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW GOOD/BAD/ALIEN YOU ARE - just get in on this. It doesn’t matter if you only wanted to make midi. It doesn’t matter if you only want to make music.

Rules: We can edit the rules any time. Call stuff out if you’re curious or if it doesn’t work for you.

Finally: Have fun!!!


One minor point: Isn’t this the 2022 Winter Collab then? :wink:

omg. hahahahaha

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Alright, I just uploaded my midi pack. I probably did it wrong :sweat_smile: but hey, that was fun.

In your folder now, unpacked.

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We are putting things together slowly.
Here is Vt100’s one: beautiful performance, on YouTube as well :
watch here: Squarp Pyramid Forum Collab Jam - jamuary2022 - YouTube

Pyramid files here: (just please don’t delete anything, make versions with your nickname>> message for those who wanted to join and contribute)


An other work from CreepyPants including this nice recording



Pyra files


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I would like to join the collaboration, ive been toiling away learning the pyramid for a year now and feeling confidant enough to throw out a few things and hopefully learn to take my pyramid experience to the next level

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Hey man - welcome. I think @OxOnFord is handling upload permissions which will let you see everything nice and organized.

In the meantime: If you wanna make some midi, go for it and upload it when you’re ready and logged in. Wanna get in on someone else’s midi? just grab one of the links posted in the thread and go to town.

finally finished two versions of VT100’s nice performance

the first one, number 2, is without changes of notes or tempo. Only my instruments are different and the performance has some logic as well.

I was not happy with this No2, today is the day when version 3 is ready too, changes made, this time.

Any CC very welcome, thanks


I’ve added the Pyra file of version 3, sequence no10 is not part of the original, only 1 and 9.

great, welcome

here you go

everybody has full access, try to make versions instead of changing the original, cheers

No problem I’ve been following you since the idea poped up on the forum and already had downloaded creepy pants midi data. Ive got some thing’s to contribute and will upload something this weekend. Cheers. It’s a summer colab for me here in Australia

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@Shroom and @OxOnFord just added new work on their shelves

have a look



nice day

@Shroom just added his audio sample of his first post.

What a refreshing thing!
Have a listen, have fun morphing it!


Alright, I finally got some time in to work with some other data. Big ups to @Shroom - I picked your data first and I think it came out pretty good.

Nice job and I like how you expanded compilation. Would like to access the data to learn how I can take it to the next level like you did. Cheers

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