Weird parameter jumps in midi-fx menu

Hi! New Pyramid user here!

I am having a weird problem where I set a value in the midi-fx, for example set the octave in the arpeggiator to +2 and about a second after I set a new value the value jumps back to the original one. This seems to happen only when the sequencer is running. I don’t have any midi automation defined. I am running 2.3.

Anyone got a clue what is causing this? Otherwise I am loving this machine!


are you in live mode and recording? It will record fx changes made.

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Ah, this might be it! How do I get rid of unwanted parameter automation?

Disable record as a start :slight_smile: Or delete the automation in step mode CC edit thingy. You can also “fight” the automation in with the encoder when everything is rolling… - not really ideal, but it works.

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Thank you! I still have a lot to learn :smiley: