Wanted: Global midi fx

I have just begun using chained sequences, for longer music structures.
However, I am stumbling on a problem: Since my setup relies heavily on the midi effects, chaining sequences is not really an option, if you expect to change anything in midi fx.
Say, you have an A, B and C part, and you change the Chance fx from 10% to 70% for a given track, then you will only hear the change on one of the parts/sequences.

For some purposes, this might be the behavior you want, but for 100% of the times, where I would be changing sequences while playing, I would like EVERYTHING to be global, except the content of the tracks.

I can see, that Squarp has taken care of the track mutes in the new fw 1.7, so now at least the mutes can be global, and that is a good start. (Although it seems a bit fiddly, that global mutes uses the encoder press as a modifier.)

My vision would be this: In the setup menu, you set if you want midi fx and mutes to be global. If yes, then it will not matter what sequence you are on (in any given project), the midi fx and mutes will be the same.
Or put in other words: The only thing that will change, when you go from one sequence to another is the content of the tracks.

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