Vst for sending analog clock and high/low state to Pyramid

Hi, just got a Pyramid. Looking forward to testing the analog sync posibillity on this thing. I see that the Pyramid can accept analog clock, and a high/low state to run/stop. Would love to test this with my daw to hopefully get rid of some midi jitter. My audio interface has 2 DC coupled outputs. But does anyone know of an VST plugin that could do this?

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New to the forum… you’ve probably sorted this for yourself; but I’m leaving my reply for others…

An audio interface with DC coupled outputs is the first part so it’s good you have those… I believe the software most useful for your needs would be the Expert Sleepers Silentway suite.

https://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/silentway.html If you are using Max for Live; you could also check maxforlive.com as I am aware of a couple of amxds that also provide this functionality.

Yes, CV Tools for Max for Live is a great start. Can also recommend VCV Rack with a DC coupled interface such as Expert Sleepers ES8 or the new ES9.