Visual confusion about empty track vs mutes track

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems, that there is no way to tell, if a track is muted or it is just empty.
The consequence is, that you may chose to go into step mode on an empty track, in order to record or create some notes, only to find, that they are not playing. Then you exit, and find that the track is muted, which you had no way of knowing beforehand.
So I am thinking, we need a visual way to distinguish a muted track from an empty (and un-muted) track.

In “Track” view, a muted track will be appear greyed out in the LCD and the button will be dimmed and flashing. And when I clear a track (eg. by pressing Step + X), it unmutes the track, so when I next record, any notes I record are played immediately.

However, I’ve never tried to record notes into a muted track, I always either unmute the track or clear it before recording into it.

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