View CC Assignations?

I’m hoping I’m just overlooking something.

Is there a way to see what incoming MIDI CCs are Assigned, and/or perhaps what theyre assigned to? I cant seem to find anything.

I do a lot of controlling FX from external controllers via CCs coming into the Pyramid. Im hoping theres an easier place to verify if Ive assigned a CC rather than trying to reAssign it and looking for the [Remove Current Assignment] label during the assign process if there is already an assignation.

Am i overlooking something?
Has anyone deconstructed the .py files yet?

Those core.pyr files are probably your best bet. The assignments seem to be in two sections, titled “----- ASSIGN PER PROJECT -----” and “----- ASSIGN PER TRACK -----”, look for substring “CC_NUMBER” to see which CC’s are assigned. I won’t try guessing what exactly the other values do but they’d probably be quite obvious to somebody who has uses assignments (I’ve barely touched them so far)


I guess it doesnt take much to read the .pyr files then? Here i thought i was goimg to load a hex viewer. Heh

Thank you!

Oh, they’re plain ascii files. Whatever you use to edit instrument definition files will work for the .pyr files too.

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“Edit instrument definition files” LOLOLOLOL