Velocity on cv input

I am simultaneously trying to learn expert sleepers ES-3 and their Trigger and Voice Control plugins, and the Rample.

How can I map some velocity voltage coming from my CV outputs to velocity in the Rample? Assuming I can master the silent way stuff, I want low velocity notes in my daw to make soft hits in Rample, etc. But so far, even though I think I am sending velocity out through silent way ( but this might still not be setup correctly), the sounds seem to be the same volume. Pitch is not being changed, which is good.


I only know CV theoretically, and that knowledge is sparse, unconnected, incomplete, and probably severely in error (since I don’t use it - I use MIDI exclusively with my Rample).

Velocity is a MIDI thing. (You seem to know this, but I figured the clarification was appropriate)

I believe you would need your ES-3 to translate MIDI Velocity into a CV signal which you could then patch to your Rample.

If you used the MIDI In on the Rample, you could natively assign MIDI Velocity to LEVEL , PITCH , BIT , FILTER. (Manual -> Settings)

If you’ve already translated MIDI Velocity to a CV signal and you want to know how to assign this to a parameter & SP on the Rample, you use the Assign button as documented in the Manual under “Assign a CV Input”.

Apologies in advance if I’m wholly out to lunch on your query since you are using terms I don’t understand (“silent way stuff”, etc)

Assign cv to level

Thanks for the tip. I have tried sending velocity from the ES-3 and my MatrixBrute but the sound level does not change. Oh well.

definitely works…
assign SP1-> level , then send in velocity on CV 1 , and gate into gate.

depending upon what you want, you might want to alter the level of SP1.
i.e. output level = level + level from cv, so it’ll overdrive if you send 5v on cv with level at its default level - so ‘adjust to taste’

if its not having any impact, id guess you’ve not setup you ES-3 correctly.

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