Using Pyramid to change scenes on Analog Rytm 1

I just ordered a Mk I Analog Rytm. And I’m wondering how easy or effective it is to trigger and change scenes on the AR? Or change patterns? I normally program beats on my Pyramid. But I want to utilise the programming power of the AR ideally. :upside_down_face:

The problem with using one sequencer to change patterns on another sequencer is that the slaved sequencer will be a tick or so late, so, depending on the pattern chain mode of the slaved device (jump or cue) either you miss the 1st beat if there is one programmed there or your pattern change is cued and will happen at the end of the current one, which is one loop too late. I don’t have the AR but have a AK, a DN and a OT and that’s what happens if I program a PC on the 1st beat of a Pyramid pattern/track. I believe (been a while since I used that feature, must re-check) that Elektron has a custom implementation of PC’s that send them on cue (when enabled in the pattern setup) so that other Elektron devices (not necessarily though, this can be any device that follows has the same bank/pattern change midi implementation) can cue their patterns too and stay in perfect sync.

Thanks. Yes you are right about the sync problem. When I did some research I came across such complications. So I decided to do my AR sequencing on the pyramid. And it’s working out wonderfully. I put notes in via the AR and it’s even nicer editing them on the Pyramid. So I’m happy now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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