Using midi out for more than one track controlling different hardware synths


it could be posible to have track 1 routed to midi output on channel 1 , and connected to a synth A that’s receiving in channel 1.
Then ouputing midi through from this synth A to synth B that’s receiving on channel 2.
Then having hermod track 2 routed to midi output as well but on channel 2.

So you’d have 2 tracks from hermod, outputting from midi output, controlling each one a different hardware synth?


sorry, I dont quite understand… is this a question? what are you trying to acheive?

you use the midi output fx on hermod to output a tracks data on a specific midi channel.
so you can have track 1, output to midi ch 1, and track 2 to midi ch 2

… what else do you need?

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