User-controlled range for BPM Midi FX

The Pyramid has a range of 10 to 999 bpm, but the Midi FX only goes from 10 to 250. Having the full range can be useful, especially when you’re making very large/spaced out tracks, or odd swing and grooves. Or maybe add it as an option to have a user-determined range (having knobs 3 and 4 be “min bpm” and “max bpm”), or simply create a toggle on knob 3 (“bpm limited”) that can be set to yes (current range) or no (full range). There are only two knobs out of 5 used by the effect currently, and this would be a useful addition. If it is hard to implement this way, it could maybe be added to the settings menu as an option. In my eyes more choice for the user is never a bad thing!

Just an idea, I know I would find that change helpful for numerous things.