Use of smaller increments?

Just bought a Pyramid, and wondering why is the offset of notes jumping in almost 10 %, also in the fx?
need more control, is there a way to go by 1% at the time?

The note offset percentage jumps are proportional to current zoom level: at 1:1 zoom the increment is %1 at a time, and the same timewise adjustment will appear larger at a higher zoom level. So the actual granularity of the adjustment doesn’t really change, and no, there’s no finer control for that.

In the FX, some controls have finer granularity than others, but it is what it is, no way to change AFAIK.


Thanks pmatilia, but when I hold down notes the % jumps at 4% increments.
Also, how do I push/nudge a whole track just a few samples back or forth?

Like I said, the percentage depends on your zoom level.

MIDI doesn’t relate to samples, it uses pulses per quarter note (PPQN) as the smallest unit of time. AIUI Pyramid clock runs at 96 PPQN.

Thanks. My bad yes 96 PPQN, but then how do i nudge a track back and forth, were i nudge all notes i a track is this possible ?

Just found out when i go down in zoom X 8 then the increments on the offset jumps, from 4 to 8 ??
Is there no way to get finner detail in offset ?

If you double the tempo you should get slightly more fine-ness of detail. You could even double the BPM without changing any of your tracks if you got clever with the Time Signature setting in the TRACK mode.

Otherwise it is what it is, as you zoom you don’t get any more Offset definition. One thing to note is that Note Length does become more precise as you zoom, and can be pretty finely tuned at the highest zoom level

Thanks Jac, grest respons / idea will try double the tempo, i have it running from the erm multi clock so just have to start running the daw at higher tempo. Do you know of any way to nudge the notes per track basis like offset just for the hole track, or the notes chosen? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you zoom out enough that you have 16 or less steps in your pattern, then you can select all of the notes (by holding down the first and last note you want to select) and change the offset of all of them simultaneously in the STEP mode. The only issue is I believe if you move the offset backwards on multiple notes they won’t go below 0%, so if one is at 50% and one is at 0%, and you try to lower all the offsets then only the 50% note will be effected, and you might mess up the rhythm of your pattern.

btw I just checked and you can not halve the speed of your track, and therefore you will have to manually change any tracks you want to double the BPM for. Annoying.

I think it may be that 10% is 1% because at 50% it jumps to the next step no?