Usb-midi with pyramid?

i wanna use the pyramid to control signal cultures apps over midi

can i do this with a usb-mini usb cable or do i need some sort of usb-midi interface too?


You can Control up to 16 Channels via USB. No other equipment is needed.


Does that mean the pyramid can run off of the 5V supplied by a USB port? I don’t see how else you could use the USB port for midi

Yes. Connect Pyramid via USB Cable to pc/Mac and it will be powered by USB. At the same time you can sequence vst Instruments via midi. Works.


Hope you don’t mind me asking Michael but i have just got a pyramid and although it is showing up in Ableton the USB is not transmitting any midi signal in to the DAW. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

In ableton, make sure its enable in the midi settings (i.e. ‘track’ … I think thats the default)
on the pyramid, make sure the track channel is set to USB 1 (or whatever channel you want to use)

if you want clock then you will need to enable that on pyramid settings ->midi out -> sync usb, and also configure ableton to take the external clock.
(though honestly, ableton is better as a master clock usually)


Than you Bear! I will look at the pyramid USB setting.

Cheers mate

In what menu will i find the USB port settings?

its not on settings, its on the track
select TRACK,
then hold CHANNEL , then turn encoder 4.

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Think i just sorted it, cheers

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