Two UI improvement suggestions

I feel like there were two missed opportunities with (1) the seq display view and (2) the assignable knobs and touch pad. I know that new features aren’t being added to the Pyramid anymore, so I’m just dreaming out loud here, and why not.

1: A scrollable SEQ display view
It’s helpful to have this visual overview of the first 5 active tracks’ active pattern numbers, but it can only meet its full potential of usefulness if you use only 5 out of 64 tracks in your sequences. Having to switch to each different track to see what pattern # it’s on is tedious, so this display screen helps a bit. But – if we could actually scroll through it with the main encoder (it currently does nothing in this display mode) and see more (or, why not, all?) active tracks’ pattern numbers, it would make the most of this view.

2: Step-locking multiple assigned encoders/touchpad axes on the same page
One of the things I miss the most about sequencing MIDI from Elektron devices is that you can very quickly step-sequence multiple MIDI parameters without having to switch to different pages. You’re given these screens with 6-8 assignable encoders (or parameters for simple “MIDI FX” like an arpeggiator) and on any step you can lock new values set by any number of these encoders.

On the Pyramid, you have to scroll to each different dedicated CC Message page and step sequence it separately, if you don’t want to record a bunch of unquantized knob movements. (For many types of electronic music, we don’t want our timbral variations to flow continuously – we might actually want mechanical-sounding step sequences of filter cutoff levels and wavetable positions and so on.)

I really wish we had some page that’s a “global Step workspace for assigned encoders,” where we could hold any step down and twist one of the assigned encoders and then twist another and just that quickly have two different CC messages (or MIDI FX parameters) locked to that step. It wouldn’t have to be complicated: it could only work with the encoder and touchpad assignments made for that track (or globally, if you chose that in your Settings), and it could be maybe the first page on the CC Messages stepmode. Or it could even be on any of the other stepmodes, as long as you have access to the assigned encoders (e.g., “encoder step edit” is OFF in Note stepmode).

Of course there’s no sensible way to display multiple CC message sequences in the Disp view, but I’d happily have Disp show nothing for this global assign stepmode, and scroll to the different CC pages when I want the visual feedback.


Hell yes! Feeling both of these. :slight_smile: the manual have a nice visual block matrix showing muted and unmuted tracks. If this display could somehow display the tracks with data in them, and the patterns tied to these tracks where you could easily just scroll through which patterns you want active for the current sequence, that would be ace!

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