Troubleshoot Assist - Freeze Frozen (MIDI Cntrl)

Greetings Ramplers

tl;dr - Rample samples occasionally playing Frozen (the audio effect state - not the Disney movie) even tho the Rample has received the CC value 63 to stop AND the Rample screen for the Freeze effect shows that the freeze should not be happening. Intermittent. Request brainstorm to troubleshoot to document before sending to Squarp and/or if anyone else has experienced this.

Apologies if I haven’t fleshed out all my troubleshooting options on this end yet. I’m not sure what direction to proceed or if my issue is with Rample or Ableton or Roland or my tendency to throw a boatload of MIDI data or some combination of the above. I may just be clueless, which is admittedly quite likely. Sorry. (The problem with being stupid is how much it bothers everyone around me) LOL

This happens but I have yet to be able to duplicate it with regularity except in forcing a negative situation to arise.

I’m sending Note On/Off + CC Modulations (mostly for Freeze for 3 SPs with additional modulations for Filter on a single SP) from Ableton to the Rample. I’m sending CC modulations for several SPs at once. Sometimes the Freeze gets ‘stuck’ or Frozen, as in I’m hearing the sample being affected by Freeze for longer periods than the modulation is sending - as in Ableton has already sent the proper CC# the value of 63 which should be “No Freeze”. (Note: I don’t have MIDIOx in the middle of this so I have not verified it is actually sending a value of 63, but checking Ableton for proper values isn’t a big buck bang unless we factor in driver errors as I note below. Also note: I am NOT using my usual Rample script to Pitch samples based on Key# and translate Velocity to Env & Level - not using a BMT script at all with this configuration)

However, what I observe is that the Freeze will continue past the point the Rample is sent a value of 63 which should stop the Freeze.

Note: I’m using a Roland DuoCapture for my soundcard which, as I’ve experienced with Ableton 9, does a strange thing using ASIO drivers with my Roland gear (happens with both OctaCapture and DuoCapture): not all CC msgs are sent. I’ve gone back and forth with Ableton on this and normally their support is aces, but this episode of StumpTheGeek was won by disregard (ie never got a resolution and the support reps dropped the ball too many times and I gave up).

But in that case, the Rample would never actually receive the CC value 63 and flipping to the Rample screen which shows the Freeze status would show the Freeze as being engaged.

This circumstance is different ,in that flipping to the Freeze screen while the sample is being Frozen, indicates a flat line (ie “no freeze”).

Win7 laptop -> Roland UM-One -> Rample
Audio from Rample -> DuoCapture -> Monitor in Ableton

My next test might be loading all these MIDI Clips onto the Pyramid and trying to duplicate with just Pyramid->Rample, but that’s a bit of a heft.

Anyone else experience this?
I figure most of y’all are CV’ing, but I’m purely MIDI. Sorry. Not smrt enough.

My suspicion is that I’m finally able to overload the Rample with MIDI data, but I want to narrow down the breaking point.
My expectation is that Ableton+Roland audio drivers are more suck than previously expected.
But that display thing on the Rample confuses me.

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Well, popped the sequences over the Pyramid to go just Pyramid->Rample and I’m not being able to get it to dupe.

Then again, popped back over to Ableton and it won’t dupe either, now.

And I’ve been experiencing this for literally days. It’s been driving me crazy because it’s an eff’d up beat I’m strangely drawn to for some sort of punk/trash/tribal thing.

Unless someone else is experiencing this and/or I can get it to dupe with semi-regularity again, I guess this is just more creepy idiot blathering. Thank you for your time and please: wash your hands.