Trouble with Sequencing on Channel 3

I’m a new user of Hermod, but have been sequencing for about 20 years.
I was setting up some simple sequences for an upcoming Modular on the Spot.
I had been prepping for Hermod’s arrival by getting sounds using a CV ocd to send cv to my modular using 4 mono voices, so the rack was working as I wanted prior to getting Hermod.

I got Hermod, and started tinkering, and realized it would be quicker to hand enter notes instead of MIDI record. Track 1, done, track 2, done. I can’t believe how quickly I am picking this sequencer up.

Track 3… I’m trying to sequence a simple bass line using the orgone accumulator, but the pitch won’t change. I am finally getting the pitch to change by putting in wildly different octaves, but it isn’t tracking it (it was prior using cv ocd).

Ok - this is super weird. I figured something must be up with the Orgone, so I put it on the test bench - It’s fine. So I put it back in the rack. Still won’t play the sequence correctly (notes too low and won’t track). I plug a midi keyboard into hermod, and it’s playing and tracking perfectly. No MIDI effect or anything.

Without the keyboard though, it won’t track correctly and I need to put in high octaves to get any note changes at all.

Any clues?

Oh - all tracks are simple cv/gate tracks for now. Forgot to mention that.
System is 1.3

I tried recalibrating, it was a bit off, but not by much (.01V) - still off.

Each time I calibrate all the CV tracks and save them(pressing X) the Hermod fails to save the calibrated CV tracks. It’s frustrating when I have to calibrate each time I power on the Hermod. Fortunately the Squarp folks are trying to figure out my issue. They’ve sent me 3 firmware alterations but have failed thus far. I hope your situation is resolved soon.

It’s insane.
I *just got it to sort of work, by playing in the sequence via midi, and then transposing up by 36.
I am kind of shocked that a product was considered done when it could not be properly calibrated.

Right. It’s extremely frustrating.