Trigger more than 8 patterns on RYTM/Octatrack?

I have an Elektron Analog RYTM and Octatrack synced to Hapax, with one Hapax track dedicated to each. I use these tracks to send program/pattern changes.

The downside here is that due Hapax’s max 8 patterns per track I’m consequentially limited to accessing 8 patterns on the Elektron boxes - I’d prefer to be able to access 16 at a time.

Does anyone know of a workaround? I thought of just using two tracks for each, but I would need to remember to manually mute the previous track when switching, otherwise the PC’s would collide. For live performances that seems like an accident waiting to happen.

if you accept that you’ll always be working in Proj A and Proj B at the same time, you can have 16 patterns on the same MIDI channel/Hapax track at the same time (but switching between projects as needed)