Transpose triggers new note

With the new transpose feature in the Scale effect with hermod OS 1.42 I’ve noticed that each time you change the transpose value it immediately triggers a new transposed note if one was already playing. Is this the preferred way transpose should work? For my purposes I would really prefer it to not retrigger the current note because if you are transposing live it throws off the rhythm and melody of the track. I think it makes more sense to let the currently playing notes finish untransposed.

This is especially an issue if you are trying to transpose it by an octave live (or other large interval), because if a note was playing while you scroll the encoder, it triggers a note for every intermediate transpose on its way up the octave, which sounds really bad.

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ive not played with this yet … must try it out :slight_smile:

but what you say seems reasonable…
it might be an unintended side-effect, or there squarp might have a good reason for it.

either way you’d need to raise it via the contact page at squarp, as they do not respond on this forum.

Ya i’ve sent them a couple other things recently through the contact page haha, so I wanted to first see if other people had different opinions on this topic before reaching out. If you try it out and feel strongly either way let me know!

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