Transpose sequence live?


Is there a way to record a sequence, then record transposition for it without copying and pasting the same pattern over and over then manually selecting the notes and turning the dial?

I want to program a sequence and then play that sequence.


Have you looked at the master transpose track? You can record transpositions into the master transpose track and have it transpose selected tracks.

Activate a track. 2nd+TRACK to enter settings. Activate transpose. Now this track will be transposed with the master transpose track. Create a new track. Set output to transpose. This track will now transpose. You can record notes onto this track. I think the root note default is C4. This can be change in the settings under “Transpose Note”.

PS. You can select all the notes in a pattern at the same time in step mode while holding REC. Rotate encoder 1 to transpose notes. Rotate encoder 2 o transpose notes, by octaves.

Hope this helps.


Hi ,

Couldn’t find out how . When recorded a sequence how can I transpose afterwards up or down ?
Many thanks in advance


Like @joosep described: with the master transpose track.

You have to input the transposition values live or via step in the master transpose track, and also have the desired tracks transpose-enabled.

There’s a downside though: you can only have 1 (master) transpose track, so all transpose-enabled tracks transpose in exactly the same amount on exactly the same time.

Better would be that there’s a per-track option for transposing, so you can do different transpostions on a per-track basis.

I already requested this @squarpadmin in a previous topic somewhere.

hope this helps


Thanks mate . Will try later on .
Oh a pity not able per track only ( yet )