Transpose sequence live?

Is there a way to record a sequence, then record transposition for it without copying and pasting the same pattern over and over then manually selecting the notes and turning the dial?

I want to program a sequence and then play that sequence.

Have you looked at the master transpose track? You can record transpositions into the master transpose track and have it transpose selected tracks.

Activate a track. 2nd+TRACK to enter settings. Activate transpose. Now this track will be transposed with the master transpose track. Create a new track. Set output to transpose. This track will now transpose. You can record notes onto this track. I think the root note default is C4. This can be change in the settings under “Transpose Note”.

PS. You can select all the notes in a pattern at the same time in step mode while holding REC. Rotate encoder 1 to transpose notes. Rotate encoder 2 o transpose notes, by octaves.

Hope this helps.


Hi ,

Couldn’t find out how . When recorded a sequence how can I transpose afterwards up or down ?
Many thanks in advance

Like @joosep described: with the master transpose track.

You have to input the transposition values live or via step in the master transpose track, and also have the desired tracks transpose-enabled.

There’s a downside though: you can only have 1 (master) transpose track, so all transpose-enabled tracks transpose in exactly the same amount on exactly the same time.

Better would be that there’s a per-track option for transposing, so you can do different transpostions on a per-track basis.

I already requested this @squarpadmin in a previous topic somewhere.

hope this helps

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Thanks mate . Will try later on .
Oh a pity not able per track only ( yet )


Hi all , how can I use external keyboard to master transpose track on Pyramid ?

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Activate your master transpose track and send notes in. Its that easy.

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It doesn’t react by using the transpose master track . As I can’t select the midi channel neither :confused:

there is a setting per track to be transposed by the master track. you need to set the track up in the track settings. you then need to have a master track. I use a midi keyboard and just change my midi chanel back and forth for my needs that way i can edit other tracks at the same time and so on.



I got my master track
I got all others tracks following my master track ( transposing ) using the keypads Works fine .
But my external keyboard doesn’t react on it

Master track reacts on which midi channel ?


Here’s a step by step description.

Let’s suppose you want to transpose tracks 1 and 2.
Choose a track you are not using - for example, track 16
Change the MIDI channel of track 16 to Master Transpose (pretty sure it’s rotary controller 5 to do this).
Select track 16. Your MIDI keyboard should now control the transposition of tracks 1 and 2.
This will work as long as your Pyramid is set up to receive on the same channel that the MIDI keyboard is sending.

Let me know if there’s any of this that’s not clear.

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in omni more the midi input is the track number you are on. there are the 16 pad in bank a that all correspond to the midi track. i can’t speed to other modes as thats not how i use it. example bank a track 8 midi input is midi 8