Transfering to DAW (Reaper)

So I’m still at the terrified of losing stuff phase, so like to get 3 or 4 tracks going with Live mode, then dump into Reaper.

Problem is, the .mid files that Pyramid generates don’t have any of the FX printed, so I’ve been trying to slave Reaper to Pyramid, so I can arm MIDI tracks in Reaper and hit play on the Pyramid, but I can’t seem to get that to work at all.

I have Cubase Pro 9.5, presumably that would be easier to at least get it into the computer.

How are you guys getting stuff into your DAW to work on later?

Ideally I’d be able to arm audio tracks on my interface to get the multitrack audio and MIDI performance recorded. I can do that, but it’s not starting/stopping with the grid at all, and I’d rather avoid messing around with chopping up the tracks.

Secondly, can Pyramid playback in non loop mode?

You can always “Consolidate” your Tracks before Exporting to Reaper - This ‘writes’ the FX to a New Track. Or something. I haven’t used that feature yet, myself. :blush:
Manual: TrackMode > Consolidate (Right underneath Call Instruments)

Non-Loop Mode: Set your Tracks to Trigger Mode so they only play once…?

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Sweet. I actually did it the other way: made Reaper master and started recording which triggered Pyramid.

Sadly, you can NOT slave Reaper : you have to set it as master, and the Pyramid as slave.
(edit : oops, sorry, i hadn’t seen your reply).

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