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Just was wondering why it was implemented to be able to quick Solo a track (hold Track+Solo) and not Mute? I think it makes much more sense to quick Mute a track than to Solo…
To me the Track+2nd+Track nr. shortcut would make a sense for this, if it’s possible in some future update? :dotted_line_face:
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isn’t it just as easy to mute/unmute in Track mode? pressing a given track button toggles between muted and unmuted states

Mute/unmute tracks on the fly

Press one of the 16 pads


to mute or unmute a track in the current BANK. Change the current BANK (A/B/C/D) with < and > .

An empty track (without notes, effects or automations) can’t be muted.

When the sequencer is playing, tracks evole in parallel even if they are muted: it enhances your ability to perform with them.

In the example below, 3 tracks are unmuted, 2 tracks are muted and all tracks have the same length:

![](data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg height=‘100’ width=‘235’ xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ version=‘1.1’%3E%3C/svg%3E)


Tracks of different lengths are played simultaneously; shorter tracks will repeat before the others:

![](data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg height=‘100’ width=‘329’ xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ version=‘1.1’%3E%3C/svg%3E)


Tip Use different track lengths (for example 2 bars, 4 bars and 6 bars) to create a non-repetitive, evolving sequence.

Mute/unmute in sync

Mute/unmute changes are in sync, depending on the PERFORM type selected in SEQ mode:





For example, if you unmute the track 01, this track will be activated at the beginning of the next bar (if PERFORM = 1BAR in SEQ mode). This allows you to play tracks by changing mute states in perfect sync.

To mute/unmute tracks instantly, select PERFORM = INST in SEQ mode.

Tip SETTINGS > MISC > TRACKMUTE DELAY allows you to specify that tracks mute/unmute in sync by selecting ”SEQ PERFORM” or mute/unmute instantly by selecting ”INST”

Tip You can always mute/unmute a track instantly by pressing 2ND + its corresponding pad



Sure, I know that in the Track mode it works perfectly like that, just was wondering if it can be done from eg. Step/Live mode, it would make more sense to me than the Solo

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