Track PC + bank (recording slight misbehaviour)

When you set the track PROGRAM CHANGE,BANK MSB,BANK LSB and CC ASSIGN is set to on then all 3 messages are recorded and can be seen in stepmode CC MESSAGES.
This is true for all patterns of a Track except for the first one where the are not being recorded. However each time pattern 1 is selected the appropriate PC and MSB, LSB values are being sent.
Its not something big but it is inconsistent behaviour.

Yep, as you have said. Same issue. Pretty annoying. Surely that cant be intentional. Im going to report it as a bug.

yeah please do.
Although I said

if you have only one pattern then the assigned program change is not being sent.
in order that the PC can be sent you have to change to another pattern which has an already different assigned PC than the the first pattern and then switch back to the first pattern to send the intended PC. real mess!
As a new user of Pyramid i am pretty surprised that bugs like this exist in this stage of development.
I also pretty surprised that no one has acknowledged the duplicate function bug with regard to the CC duplication that I have posted on another thread.
Fortunately the squarp team is responsive and they said they will deal with this bug(duplicate function).