Track page scrolling?

If a pattern is 32 in length, I can only see the first 16 steps or select the next page for the remaining steps while it plays. I’m assuming there is a way to have it scroll to the next page automatically while it plays? I can’t find this in the manual. Thanks!

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Haven’t found that in the manual either. I’m 100% sure this ist possible somehow. Of course you want the pages be scrolling when playing the secuence rather than staying at the same page.

Agree. Does anyone from Squarp actually check and respond in this forum? Would be nice to get some feedback.

it was/is a feature in Pyramid but not sure if it’s been implemented on Hapax yet (personally, i prefer to stay on the page i’m editing steps on regardless of where the playhead is at a given time – when i would accidentally turn this on in Pyramid it always messed with my workflow)

Player tracking

The viewed page (viewed bars on the 16 pads) can auto-follow the player position if you press 2ND + DISP. Useful if you are working on multiple pages.

![](data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg height=‘128’ width=‘256’ xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ version=‘1.1’%3E%3C/svg%3E)


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Yes, that would be great. I can be on or off depending on your workflow.

This is not currently possible.

If it is desired, please send a feature request through the contact form:


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