Track Names Disappear


Okay, I was noticing this, but figured I was smoking crack.

Now I see it has happened, but I haven’t been able to duplicate it yet.

My Track Names disappear.

Has anyone else noticed this?
I’m wondering if it’s just corrupted .pyr or .mid files.
But: that’s weird.


2ND + FX
Save Tracks Info


If you don’t save the track info, your new track settings will get lost when you start a new file. Not sure if this also counts for saved projects.



I dont [Save Tracks], but i noticed that if i [Save Settings] before saving the Project it will erase all track names.

That’s…curious and quirky, IMO.
Tha ks for pointing me in the right direction.


That’s funny… I remember that something similar happened when I had Pyramid a few days. Then I discovered that I should save the “tracks info” BEFORE I save “Settings” because “Save settings” seems to reset the tracks info the last saved info… Totally forgot about it and remember because you mentioned it. :sunglasses: