Track Names Disappear

Okay, I was noticing this, but figured I was smoking crack.

Now I see it has happened, but I haven’t been able to duplicate it yet.

My Track Names disappear.

Has anyone else noticed this?
I’m wondering if it’s just corrupted .pyr or .mid files.
But: that’s weird.

2ND + FX
Save Tracks Info


If you don’t save the track info, your new track settings will get lost when you start a new file. Not sure if this also counts for saved projects.


I dont [Save Tracks], but i noticed that if i [Save Settings] before saving the Project it will erase all track names.

That’s…curious and quirky, IMO.
Tha ks for pointing me in the right direction.

That’s funny… I remember that something similar happened when I had Pyramid a few days. Then I discovered that I should save the “tracks info” BEFORE I save “Settings” because “Save settings” seems to reset the tracks info the last saved info… Totally forgot about it and remember because you mentioned it. :sunglasses:

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So I’d never had a problem with my track names being wiped. And then I read this a few weeks ago, and recently after working on a song for a few hours, including lots of track organizing and naming and carefully preparing a project for live use, I figured I should save the track info just to be sure it didn’t get wiped on me.

But after saving, Pyramid has renamed the tracks in ALL of my projects?! I had a dozen or so existing projects, many with track names, and when I load them now I’m seeing the track names from that one new project. It is really pretty terrible because it will tell me that a track is a lead part when really it’s a drum pattern. An accident waiting to happen in a performance.

Anyone know how I can undo this? The track names in my projects are specific to THAT ONE project - It’s really quite unacceptable that saving a setting in one project can affect other existing projects. It’s one thing to make a value the default on new projects, but changing old ones is really not cool.

So after digging more into the project config files on my computer, I found that it didn’t rename the tracks on ALL of my projects. But it did rename them on all of the ones that I’d happened to load on the Pyramid after saving the track info.

It seems like it had the track names in memory, and it would apply them to any projects that I loaded on the device. And it wrote the new names to the config on the SD card whether I saved the project or not, which is especially annoying. But it didn’t systematically go through and modify all projects on the SD card proactively, which is good at least.

Yes, I’ve had this problem. It would be good if someone from Squarp could explain what the correct procedure is for keeping track names per project.


Ugh, totally. Just started setting up my first project, don’t know what I’m doing, painstakingly plodding along… save settings, save track info. Power off. Power up, no track names. MIDI channels are still assigned though.

Confirming that this is still a problem. I got my Pyramid last week (July 2020), brand new, so presumably the latest OS. Set up track names, then went to save settings. Track names were erased.

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Also, you can check your PyraOS version with [2nd]+[FX] -> Info

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