Track length problem in 12/8 time signature


How to get 1/8T ? :upside_down_face:


I wont start blabbering and hurting your brain about zoom and not being a step sequencer.

“1/8T” is time signature 3/4 at zoom x4.

Tip. Press and hold eSTEPS in step mode to highlight beats and eFILLS to highlight bars on the 16 pads.

Hope this helps :wink:


Wanted to do some triplets yesterday, and it was harder than i thought, i usually have my pyramid in polymeters. and i noticed that i could not use the methods described here, which makes sense, when thinking about it.

But i found another solution, “Repeat smartpads” in live mode have triplets, and their start point is always quantized, so i just punch in my triplets where i want them. works great, and if you want slower the 1/8 triplets, just change the TS to 4/2 or 4/1 to half the speed of the repeater.

I guess offsetting by 0% 33% and 66% would also work, but this is so much faster.