Track delay shift - possible?

I do agree that the solution is to get rid of boutiques and use real studio gear.

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There is no time-traveling machine. So if you have something that is late, you have to compensate my making everything else late as well. not by somehow sending events before they are needed.

I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but you would have to have a per-track, or per midi channel delay setting, and ADD delay to all your other synths to match your slow-to-respond synth.

well, when step sequncing, the pyramid will now whats gonna happen before it actually happens so that would not be a problem.

The problem would be the first note of an track with a negative track delay, if its one the first beat (one the one…u get what i mean), it would not trigger untill the sequnce repeats, i guess the best idea would be to offset all other tracks forward in time, instead of moving the track with latency backwards in time.