Toggle Effect ON/OFF via CV gate

When you guys implement that, I’ll buy it again. nuf said :slight_smile:

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Yeah i thought the slide effect would be much more useful if you could toggle on and off with cv.

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If it’s technically possible to update Hermod with these kinds of feature requests then Squarp should re-think their ‘leave it as it is’ imho.

I’ve been so close to grabbing a Hermod for the past couple of months but it just seems to sell itself short a little. Still might get one but the Five12 Vector seems a lot more interesting so I’m waiting for reviews and see if I can raise more funds… if squarp just added some ‘per step’ stuff and a few of the other requests it’d be far more appealing creatively. Great, useful practical module but feels like it could have been developed a little further…

You can already do exactly this. Hold the Assign button and plug CV into the jack. You have a plethora of routings including FX enable.

Not possible, you must be mixing up with the pyramid.

In the absence of any commitment to develop the Hermod features does on anyone have any thoughts on maybe using a Pyramid with somthing like a Polyend Midi to Cv. Could that be the best of all worlds, as Pyramid seems to have developed significantly and have addtional features? Has any such a set up?

Hi Lazy,

Just in case you missed this. I asked a question to Squarp as king them to comment on future updates on Hermod and their plans. They responded with

Dear Squarp,

Given the on-going feedback on current functionality and desires for future updates, would you be kind enough to let the community know :

a) will there be any updates to Hermod with new features as discussed in the Wishlist forum
b) will known bugs be worked upon and be fixed?
c) when can we expect to see the above?

The reason I ask is because you seem to respond by saying there are no updates for Hermod in the future. I think it is only fair to let users know what the plans are as requested above so we can make an informed decision about keeping the units.

Thank you in advance

> Hi bitbin,
_> _
> As said earlier we do not plan to add new features to Hermod. We read with great care all user suggestions. Some of these are relevant but we can’t add new features for now, and probably forever. That been said, we already did and we will continue to fix reported bugs. We are currently working on it in order to release a new Hermod OS version as soon as possible.
_> _
> So, to summarize :
_> _
> a) no, only updates for bug fixes and small adjustments.
_> _
> b) yes, of course.
_> _
> c) we don’t have a date yet, but it’s our main priority.
_> _
> Thanks for your understanding,

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I’d be curious to see if it’s a hardware limitation that prevent them to make improvements, because of it’s not that would be just so dumb to refuse to improve such a promising module.

@squarpadmin please open source the Hermod firmware, so the community can pick up from where you’ve left off.

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Thanks bitbin. I had missed that and a few days ago the news would of disappointed me alas ive gotten a pyramid and plan to use the two together. We’ll see how it goes. Still dig the Hermod even with its limitations.

Thanks Again

Me too ! But I would trade some of the fancy midi effects (delay etc) for more simple things like a transposer… and this toggle effect via cv suggested in this thread, simple things, used everyday…

@squarpadmin please add this one guys, is it that hard?

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This is essential. Followed by better control of the Mod Matrix CV in.

absolutely essential, @squarpadmin?

So this is my primary use-case for the Pyramid, actually. It is the brain that is controlling my Eurorack rig. I connect everything via a Mio10, use a Pamela’s New Workout (with PEXP-1) for clock (distributed to everything via Mio10), the Pyramid for all sequencing, and a few MIDI-to-CV modules scattered about for interfacing. An FH-2 with a couple of expanders does most heavy lifting in that respect,plus an Erica Synths MIDI-to-Trigger for my drum modules. I also have a Vermona qMI-2 and ES FH-1 but I’m trying force myself to rely on as few modules as possible for the sake of portability and live performance. It works reasonably well, so long as you can avoid the dreaded MIDI feedback loop of death. I’m pretty sure Pyramid’s 96 ppqn clock has been the source of most such headaches so far, but as long as I can ensure that clock signal doesn’t make it into the network and all devices are strictly on Local Control with MIDI Echo disabled, things go fairly smoothly. Mio10’s routing and filtering features are a lifesaver for this.