Tip: Quantizing live Arp

If you have played with an Arp fx based on your live input, you will probably have noticed that the clock of the Arp restarts at note on (but not on subsequent legato notes), meaning, that your playing has to be spot on to achieve a hypnoticly steady pulse. Not a problem if you are using sequenced (quantized) notes but for live input, it can be a party killer.
But I just realised there is a work-around: Put a Euclid after the Arp. Set both Rates to same value, and Steps and Pulses to the same value for “normal” behaviour. IMPORTANT: Set Arp gate to 99%.
Now you have quantized your live arp.
Having a Euclid at hand off course invites to give further variation to the Arp, but that goes without saying.:blush:


I don’t think I’ve ever played perfectly in time more than 2 or 3 notes in a row so this sounds amazing.