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sounds interesting, id be interested to hear more :slight_smile:

whenever I’ve played with generative stuff, i tend to either get things which are too chaotic and lack structure - or are too programmed…
the trick seems to be defining what ‘parameters’ alter, and at what rate, by what stimulus…
i guess this is what you are putting in your nodes.
but as i said, ive had trouble pulling that off, i guess thats where experience comes in!

what role do you plan for the pyramid?
simple router? or control via pyramidi (pretty limited on that front)? send CC to alter FX parameters?

apart from routing… Id have thought much of the rest is as easy to do in your ‘processor’?

that said perhaps im expecting too much of the bomebox… as when ive played with this stuff, it tends to be with PD running on something like a rPI/Organelle - so then its as easy to model all the tracks and midi generation in PD.

but very interested to hear how you are planning to use the various pieces as a whole.

I was tempted to try the exact same approach, but got fed up with the fact that BMTP does not, and seemingly will never have a random numbers generator built into its functionality. I was essentially trying to duplicate the functions I found in Live’s Launch features in its clips. I have not yet found a positive solution that will correctly emulate this function.

In Live, the probabilities are arranged as fractions. The ranges are set by grouping the clips with scenes in between including or excluding from the clips in a particular track. The rules that are applied can be further expanded using ClyphX scripts to launch a clip outside of a particular group of clips, in another group of clips, which may have an entirely different set of Launch rules and probabilities.

Something I have sought and never found was a repository for Bome Translators. Is there such a thing?

Please please can we hear some of this C.Pants?!

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Thank you for sharing that’s very great :grinning:

I don’t know if I can help you, I’m not into coding ; however I use generativ stuff from time to time and I know about music theory so I could tell you some rules (for your code) to follow, to make variations, lead, bass, or even harmony related to the first musical phrase you generated ;
Your system could also create and use motifs ( and it could use them but also transpose, expand, shorten them, or even modify them slightly) ;

But the result will be “musical” in the sens that it follows ground rules of occidental music theory, so the trade off would be less of generativ feel to the music ;

Not sure all of that helps, but in any case, keep posting your generated content that’s awesome ^^
and do not hesitate if you want to hear more about those so called music theory rules :slight_smile:

music that generates itself from code is around the internet since the 90’s, you should maybe look at that if you have not already, there is good amount of that, even some that generates entire song including several related part :slight_smile: