This is what's working for me

Hello fellow squarpites

I’ve never contributed to this forum except to ask questions, because I am an old set-in-my-ways codger in a young man’s body, and MIDI is a language i’ve had to learn by necessity. That said, the pyramid and this community freed my mind and future.

Anyways, this is how I’m using the pyramid, and the tricks I’m employing to make my auditory hallucinations reality with the gear I have, most importantly an E-MU command station, a drumKAT, and a Rockband 3 guitar midi controller. I am exclusively jamming live, using the LIVE setting.

  1. all drum and arp tracks should have the quantize function enabled. This eliminates any bummers from human error.

  2. def assign a knob on the pyramid to control volume for each channel, and use the “assign type: per track” for the knobs

  3. HARD RECORD is dope. Just play until you didnt blow it, and then hit the switch.
    3.1) 16 channels is probably too much sound
    to make music, so don’t be afraid to be

  4. TouchPad is super cool, if you only use it for one axis. Trying to set it up, musically, with X and Y functionality is just mind-destroying. Just enjoy it for what it does best, I say. I hope to be proven wrong…:slight_smile:

  5. the delay FX is dope, especially for drums and metric modulation. Assign a delay to a knob, and you have instant metric modulation.

That’s all I got


Never thought of assigning a knob to the delay, thanks for the tip!