The more data entered, the more delay on external drum machines

Transport sync and triggering are two different things, there seems to be some confusion in this thread?

If you want to trigger the TR-8 from Pyramid then probably best to turn off transport sync, I believe you would just set the clock source to internal, but I don’t own a TR-8.

If you want to sync the transport of the TR-8 to Pyramid then best not to also send note triggers and CC data.

Personally I’d choose to trigger the TR-8 from Pyramid as it offers much more sequencing power than the internal TR-8 sequencer, so I’d turn off transport sync on the TR-8, and also on the Pyramid port if no other devices on that port need it.

As mentioned by others midi is a serial protocol, so a bit of planning and consideration of setup is required for best performance. Try to spread your gear across the 3 physical outputs as best as possible, I have thru boxes connected to each output, and do not send midi clock from Pyramid most of the time on all 3 physical ports.
Midi clock takes priority over notes, so if it isn’t needed turn it off.

I SLAVE the tr8,send the clock from pyramid,note and automation also send the scatter efx(automated too) and it is perfect.
I verified with the internal metronome and the one from a sampler(black box) and didnt investigate further.
Regarding the pattern I choose the precise mode,not emulate the 808 but not even a note is present on the pattern.
My 2 cents

Very nice suggestions on this thread.
One simple thing that you should try is to change a midi cable!
I had a timing issue that drove me mad and it was just a faulty midi cable between pyramid and yamaha Rs7000. I tried all sorts of treats and actually what worked was a new midi cable.
Before that I thought that midi cables work or not. Actually there are cables that work but not as expected.


Any update on this @detroitbureauofsound? Not to just add to the chorus but I run 16 channels of DIN midi across 10 different hardware units with many overlapping notes/cc and haven’t noticed any significant drift/jitter/delay on even older (early 90s) hardware (for instance, Emu Planet Phatt), which leads me to believe there is a config issue somewhere in either the Squarp or the TR8 that needs investigation.

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Hi all, apologies for the delay. I kind of gave up, thinking that the TR-8 was the problem. It seems that the TR-8’s internal sync options weren’t responding as expected… as it seems others here have little issue doing what I try to do, it must be an issue with gear other than the Pyraimd.