That 'Rample' Sound

I wanted to take a few minutes to enthuse over the sound of Rample. To my ears, there’s something magical about it, it sounds good. Like really good.

I also have a Squid Salmple and in comparison the Squid lacks punch, depth and tends to clip very easily (though I do like Squid’s SRR reduction much better than Ramples).

I’ve also owned a Morphagene. It’s a different beast altogether but the sound itself felt… just ok… maybe even a little vanilla.

Rample on the other hand has a certain something which feels organic, smooth, full. The closest comparison I can think of is the sound of Elektron’s Analog Rytm.

Like I say, this is to my ears and is completely subjective. It could be the high quality sounds that come bundled with Rample. Or maybe there is some kind of la magie going on.

Either way, it’s glorious. A stunning module from Squarp. :heart_eyes:


I thought it was just my ears being ruined by years of punk rock, industrial, experimental/noise, and metal that preferred the Rample over ‘my only other sampler’.

To me it just sounds better than the other sampler that is sitting in its original box on a table on the far side of the studio.

I’m also fond of how I get to interface with the Rample - being able to modulate bitcrush, filter, freeze, etc individually for each SP or as a group.

I believe I need a second one and if I have the extra $$$, I can completely imagine having three Ramples for 12 voices of sonic delight.

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Aww, thanks y’all, that really means a lot :heart:

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This is awesome stuff to hear. I’m hoping to eventually get a rample to do four voice drum sequencing along my twister when I’m not using an external desktop drum synth.