Technobear's In-depth walkthrough video

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be a beta tester for the Squarp Hapax.
(thanks again @squarpadmin for this opportunity)

I’ve watched it developments, and got a really nice feeling for the Hapax, and yes I love it !
In this video, I go through what it can do and how Ive been using it.

of course, even though its an hour long (!) , with such a complex beast, some things are covered briefly … If you would like to see more about certain features, leave a comment on the video.

Ive also got a specific eurorack/hapax video in the works - let me know in the video comments, if there is something particular you want to see.

similarly, if you’d like a ‘comparison’ of Hapax/Hermod/Pyramid … again pop it in the comments.
(Im thinking primarily, the difference in ‘approach’… not feature X is in pyramid etc)

Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy :slight_smile:

Mark aka TheTechnobear


Good job Technobear. I am sure that any new videos covering just about anything will be welcome. Quite a few of us (me) did not get a chance to get in on the first batch so the additional videos will help bridge the gap until that time comes :slight_smile:

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Excellent video! I was happy to see the chord mode in action. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to also buy the wonderful Erae Touch now :slight_smile:

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Glad you enjoyed,

I’ll have another Hapax instalment tomorrow covering eurorack…
again a bit of a deep dive :wink:


…goes, and makes popcorn for tomorrow / …Much appreciated that you take the effort !

btw. a video focusing solely on loop recording would be very welcome / since you asked :wink:
…never made it to a Pyramid, so i have NO clue.