Tap tempo not working

Heyyo! I don’t know exactly when this started, but tap tempo no longer works. It used to work (i believe including after updating to 1.50 a few weeks ago), but now it does not.

I go to track mode, I click Y and go to clock settings. Clock source is internal. I go back to track mode, and press rec and play to enter bpm mode. I try to tap tempo by tapping rec, but on the first tap I’m taken out of bpm mode. Second tap, now that I’m not in bpm mode, starts recording.

Thoughts? I’ve tried power cycling, I guess the next step is to try re-installing 1.50??

Hi @21echoes ,
that’s a reported bug, it will be fixed by upcoming firmware upgrade.

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I’m also having some issues receiving MIDI clock over the USB ports (both host and device). Is this also a known issue?

No it is not. Please send us an email with more details, via the contact form, please: