Syncing Ableton w/ Pyramid

Okay… I must be doing something very wrong or my understanding of how this works is really off. I can’t for the life of me get my Pyramid (just got it today, love it!!!) to sync with Ableton. I just want Ableton to start when I start the Squarp or vice-versa. Really doesn’t matter to me.

Don’t you select “Sync” for the corresponding Midi port (in this case Pyramid In or Out) from the list in Ableton’s settings and Bob’s your uncle? Or am I missing something.

Any help is super appreciated.

See information regarding syncing Live to external devices and vice versa:
Live Sync Info

In the case of syncing Live to Pyramid, ensure that you are sending MIDI clock on the Pyramid MIDI port that is connected to Live, and then follow these instructions:

If you wish to synchronize Live to an external device, application or DAW, you will need to enable the Sync switch in the MIDI Input port you’ve used to connect the external device to.

Once the Sync button is activated for a MIDI Input port, the “Ext” button will appear in Live’s main window. Activating this will bypass the transport control, and Live will only start playing back upon receiving MIDI Sync messages from the master.

You can find information regarding how to enable “Sync” and “Start/Stop” messages on the Pyramid MIDI port of your choice, under the “MIDI Out” page of the general settings, here:
Pyramid MIDI Out Config

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Thanks so much!