Sync Pyramid and Analog Rytm

I’m new and trying to make friends with Analog Rytm and Pyramid, but nothing happens. My goal is to make the patterns play completely in sync with the Rytm and Pyramid.

I tried to send Program Change message from Pyramid to Rytm, but patterns are not running correctly. I read a few messages here and at elektronauts and it looks like it can be fixed only by buying Bomebox or similar equipment.

I also tried Scene Mode to change volume, but 48 locks very little for my tasks. In addition, the change volume on the sounds is not the same as MUTE MODE. After change scene, I hear tails of sound. It’s not good

So, I tried to approach the other side. Tried to send a СС 94 from Pyramid to Rytm for Mute track. It’s work fine. But when I’m going to assemble a sequence of patterns in Pyramid, it turns out a complete mess.

This could have been avoided if Pyramid had the opportunity to have two CC for the note or step:
For example, step 1 ON - CC 94, volume 127 - track mute.
step 1 OFF - CC 94, volume 0 - track unmute.

I tried to use MIDI FX NOTE to CC, but unsuccessfully.

I am completely confused. Is there really no way to play the Pyramid and the Rytm together?

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hey mate

the trick is to use a midi cable instead of usb cable for the sync from the squarp to the rytm!

just figured this out myself. then you need to disable ‘receive notes’ on the rytm so that you’re just sending clock and transport control to the rytm itself.
I know you posted this a long time ago but maybe this will help for future users