Swinging Clocks

I have my Hermod clock (and reset) going to a Voltage Block and Zularic Repetitor. From there, they control many aspects of my system. And it works great, except for when I want to add some swing into everything.

There isn’t a way to swing the system clock unfortunately.

To achieve a swung clock you need to set up a Modulation track with beats at the tempo you desire (I use Euclid to enable me to adjust this tempo on the fly/via ModMatrix and also use Euclid patterns). After that place the Swing Effect and adjust to taste. This works well but it still requires 2 tracks: 1 is the swung clock (described above) and the other is the system clock which is required if you want a reset on start & stop (which I do).

My workaround is to just use a modulation track, set it to 16bars and place a 127 modulation blip at the start and then zero modulation for the rest of the track. This acts as the reset which will occur every 16 bars. It seems to work but it does force a reset every 16 bars which I might not want sometimes. But is does mean I don’t have to use 2 tracks which is a fair compromise.

@squarpadmin Feature Request: I’d love it if the Clock In/Out settings detached the Reset Trigger from the Clock. That way you could choose to have just a reset/run, or just a clock, or any combination of both. Currently there are multiple prefixed options which aren’t that flexible.

Anyways, for those curious, I urge you to give it a try, you can really get some interesting grooves going on.