Super noob question

Well here we go… ridicule ahead And welcomed… I’ve read the manual several times and just can’t work this out:

Once you have created tracks… how on earth do you select a previously created track to edit it etc…

I honestly cannot work this out. all i can select in track mode is mute states.

Sorry it’s basic but genuinely I must be missing something obvious here…

Feel free to point out the obvious and take the piss. Peace

We’ve all been there :slight_smile:

Track + Track number - selects a track
Then press step - to see steps

You might want to press the record button to put in ‘mono’ mode, since by default it’ll own shows steps for selected note

Disp - will give you an piano roll view.

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Genuinely thought I’d tried that and it only muted/unmuted so thanks a million!!
The shame…:wink:

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