Suggestions for table top synths?


Missed this while typing.
The Licence SL allows the user to load their own samples and wavetables, and the aftermarket soundsets that require custom waveforms. Totally worth it if you like to program or if you want some killer soundsets. It also allow the user to load the Attack! soundset into the Blofeld.
It’s about 100 euro and comes with 3 soundsets, but I got mine halfway through the year for half-price during some Summer NAMM special they had going. I’d been wanting to get the Licence SL since I bought my Blofeld, I was lucky that when I finally got around to actually buy it they had the deal going. The soundsets were worth the price alone and the Licence SL was basically free. Maybe they will do the same again this January (and also get the Quantum into the stores!).


Thank you :blush:
Something to consider, those micromonsta are pretty nice too :two_hearts:


yes except that audiothingies is not so great at customer support.
i wanna get both of his synths but no replies…

this puts me off because in case i had any troubles with the hardware i wouldnt want the run around

i do hope i’m the exception because it looks and sounds great!


@knightswhosayneve I can’t seem to explain why, but paying more than the cost of the hardware and components for something that is open source annoys me.

@dumdumdedum Give them a little bit of a break on support, or should I say him? Audiothingies is truly “the little guy” in that it’s one guy. Gotta be hard being only one person.


Mine has worked flawlessly. Exactly as described in the manual. It’s really simple in operation, there isn’t much that can go wrong, limited settings and options and for everything else, a knob to turn or a button to push. Easy peasy.


oh dear i’m sorry. i wish him well, audiothingies look and sound rock-solid.


ok, I must admit that I am not the best at replying to emails like “I want to buy your stuff immediately, please take my money now” especially when :

  • I do not have any stock
  • there are email notification lists available
  • there are no other information than a few pics on a specific product to take a purchase decision

But believe it or not, I do care about customer support :wink:


Pretty limited though in terms of voice stealing if you do opt for multitimbrality. Also compromises made in the fx side of things . Not its strong point (re blofeld : multi mode)


What was the problem? I have a Zaquencer and it works fine, never needed support. The Zaq forums are pretty quiet as the user base is small but last time I checked, the developer was answering questions (not immediately). It’s an excellent sequencer with several advanced features, and only limited by 4 tracks and not being able to sequence more than 2 MIDI ccs. MIDI sequencing does not get more “hands-on” than this. No menus, all functions quickly accessible. The BCR is plastic and the knobs are not great, that’s the only downside really


When I was trying out the firmware about two years ago, the forum had threads complaining about lack of support and the absence of the dev from there and direct support. Perhaps I happened onto a period of turbulence?
In the end a lot of my time with the 20min demo was spent setting up the sequencer to do what I was wanting to try out, leaving me with little chance of assessing if it did what I wanted so I took it off.


Well, I highly recommend it. There really is no need for support as the Zaquencer works perfectly in my experience. I have not encountered any issues with the software, the UI is straightforward and the user guide does the job of explaining how everything works. There’s always people moaning at forums and asking for more features but the Zaquencer firmware already takes advantage of the BCR’s internal memory to the full and there is hardly any space left on the device for more features.

I wish the guy would take it to the next level with a more advanced hardware platform. The 32 knobs and 16 buttons format is perfect for step sequencing.


Has anyone tried the new 1.24 firmware on their Blofeld? What does it improve? Any issues?

Here’s the ultimate hardware controller for the Blofeld:

Only €1000 ! :disappointed_relieved:


a left field suggestion - Critter and Guitari Organelle :slight_smile:

works great with Pyramid as it can host the Pyramid thru USB, not many synths can do that :wink:

Its actually an instrument, I don’t like recommending as its so different , some absolutely adore it, some just don’t get it. its something you really have to research first and be honest about what you want… more than regular synths… but wow is it flexible and fun if you are into it.

fortunately, someone recently did a video which is really honest about it, and who it is for, and who it is not,
definitely worth watching if you have a glimmer of interest.

here is something I did recently, as a technology demo… but you can see/hear the Organelle with the Pyramid.
(this is all running on the Organelles, no computers involved except recording the audio)


Thanks for all the info! I am currently looking to get one of those. I can’t fathom why they abandoned it, there is nothing like it in the market. Were you using the software on Mac or Windows? Can you program it fully from the front panel without the software?


I want an Organelle.


Windows, but once you’ve programmed it you are set and won’t need to open the software again, or that has been my experience. Great controllers, only missing 14bit NRPN’s to make it wonderful!
You can do most programming from the front panel but there are a few things you will need a computer for. I can’t remember exactly right now, but I seem to recall that to set NRPN’s you need a computer. Stuff like multiple destinations for single controllers is great and linked controllers too. The LFO isn’t as great as that of the Pyramid, but it’s arp is fantastic.


just got a tx802 and I’m love the 8 individual dx channels. Very lovely to create euclidean trance on a bunch of individual tracks from one synth::sparkles:


I agree. The Bitstream 3X was a nice machine on paper. It’s still on sale on a Spanish merchant site! :wink:
In addition he managed the system exclusive messages what can controllers do! I also read in the forums that his software was pretty buggy!
There is also the midi controller FADERFOX UC4 which looks very good. Small, handles NRPN 14-bit messages without the need for computer editor software. I don’t know if he manages system exclusive messages. Does anyone have one? I would like a feedback :smiley:
I have a KURZWEIL PC3 and with these machines, management by midi controllers is complicated! (sys ex !?) :cry:


I’ve bought a production desk and re-configuring again, so haven’t really had much plugged in for sometime now, but I’ve been doing little sessions with just one or two instruments, taking things back to a time when my gear list didn’t need two hands and feet to tally.

Playing for the last week with my Shruthi. Wonderful little box, can really shine at wavetable synthesis. Nothing too incredible about the envelopes beyond them being nice and fast, but the amp has some rather nice options such as the mix operator. That allows the player to use a cross-fade style mix between Osc 1 & 2, but also offers features that would be at home in a guitar amp, like fuzz. There’s another that bounces each note onto a different Osc or even bounce around from Osc1-2-Sub-Noise.

All the parameters can be remote controlled via MIDI and the internal modulation sequencer notes can be sent out to some other device for some fun.

I have the SMR4 filter version and to tell the truth I don’t like the filter too much; it’s harsher than my original MS-20 filter. I’d chalk part of that up to the SMR4 being a 4 pole self-resonating lp filter and the MS-20 lp filter being a 2 pole. Both don’t suffer the resonance squeeze that the ever-popular Moog-style 24db lpf does but the gentler slope of the 2 pole filter not concentrating the focus of around the break point nearly as much means the resonance is a little more spread and not so targeted.

I almost cut my thumb off last week and am having trouble typing, so I’m gonna leave this review right there. I can add more, but I may do later.
My gear list is in my sig on the Korg forums, if you want a run-down on any desktop synth on there, post and I’ll try to do at least a half-decent review.


Shruthi looks interesting. Some great sounds in some of the YT demos.

I’m looking around for something a bit ‘digitally’ / FM-y right now.

Anyone had any experience with the Modor Nf1-m?

(Or Nf1, for that matter?)