Suggested way of using Hapax with Nord Drum 3P

Hi, any other Nord Drum users who can suggest a Hapax setup for my Drum 3P?
My issue is that I want to be able to play the pads, record onto the Hapax, then get the Hapax to play the 3P over midi.
I’ve set up midi in and out cables, have the 3P so each drum is on a separate midi channel (10 to 15) and Global Off and made a Drum track on Hapax where each drum goes to its different midi channel and this works fine for inputting patterns on Hapax and playing back, but I can’t play the pads and record. I assume because Hapax is merging the midi channels using the ‘Active track channel’ setting on the incoming midi?
Can anyone suggest a way that this would work?

Are you playing the Nord Drum chromatically? Or is there a reason you have disabled global?

I’ve setup the Nord Drum to send all pads on channel 10 (global channel) which I can record and play back. Additionally I can play individual pads chromatically via Hapax or a keyboard on their respective channels (1 - 6 in my case).

Mostly I use the instrument definition file provided by squarp here (bottom of page):


Hi, no, not chromatically, I just thought that you needed individual channels to have control over the voice settings for each drum? It would be cool to be able to sequence pitch and such with Hapax, but it sounds like the option is to have both modes active? So it runs a global channel and general use and specific ones for more control?
I’ll check out the definition, thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s how I’ve set it up.
It’s also possible to have everything on the global channel and then use a CC parameter to select which voice the incoming CCs apply to. But I managed to screw up sounds too many times using this method.

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Does anyone know if you can convert the Nord drums hits to CV gate with the Hapax? Basically, just want the bass drum pad to send out a gate to my Moog M32. Thanks!

You can do that with the ENV fx, with the sidechain parameter set to the bassdrum note.
Then put attack, decay and release to zero. Then, you can experiment with the gate length:

  • Sustain 100, Hold 0 - the gate will be exactly the duration of the incoming MIDI note.
  • Sustain 0, Hold X, wait AHD ON - the gate duration will be set by the HOLD parameter
  • Sustain 100, Hold X, wait AHD ON - gate duration will be at least the duration set by the HOLD parameter, or as long as the incoming MIDI note

Thanks @Thibault_Squarp!
Ok, here’s another idea I’ve been trying but with no luck so far: I want the kick to advance the Hapax sequencer by one step with each hit. The Mother 32 can do this on its sequencer via the “TEMPO SINGLE CLOCK ADVANCE MODE”. I tried connecting the Hapax gate out to Hapax CV in and it kinda worked but not quite. Any tips? I haven’t tried the ENV fx on this. Thanks!

EDIT: I was following this in the manual but it was going multiple steps at a time:
Tip When using CV IN 1 or CV IN 2, Hapax is synchronized in a “step advance” (trigger) style. The setting CV CLOCK DIV let you choose how much ppqn the sequencer will run for one input trig. Please note that you also need to set the tempo thanks to the BPM popup, allowing a great flexibility. For example, if you want to sync Hapax with an external eurorack sequencer analog clock, running at 140bpm