Stupid questions about building Arduino Controller

Hey there
Wondering if anyone has experience with Arduino, specifically building MIDI Controllers, that might allow me to pick their brain with some stupid questions.

I’m considering building an interface - I have a rather extensive MTPro script and a generic button/knob controller to interface with my Pyramid. I figure if I spend this much time writing/troubleshooting this, then I deserve a custom controller! LOL

I have experience with a soldering iron and a bit of coding, just my soldering experience is mostly 40+ years old and my coding abilities are nerf’d by old guy confusion. heh

Questions mostly revolve around which Arduino to get based on how many inputs/outputs, because I really like LED feedback. I’m thinking something like two MIDI Fighters plus half a MIDI Fighter Twister (so, 32 arcade buttons in two 4x4 grids, with LED Feedback, and 8 encoders (although I should probably do pots because: feedback). Also, some way to switch modes and wondering if a 5 position switch could be coded on an Arduino to send either 5 different Note On events, or even just different values on a CC.

Also, I guess my MTPro script can be re-written for the Arduino which would remove my need for the BomeBox.

If you’re up for answering a bunch of those stupid questions, and the questions any of those answers might generate, hit me up…PM even?


I build synths for a living. PM me.