Stuck pad on new unit

My #9 pad (lower row, left pad) is sticking constantly. I purchased this unit new. It sounds like the same problem described here: "Sticky" pads on used unit

I’ve sent a message in via the contact form, but I’m curious – has anybody tried the fix mentioned in that previous thread? Are there any common fixes for sticky silicone pads in general?


first, this is not ‘normal’… it shouldn’t be happening, and definitely on a new unit, approach your retailer/squarp.

I guess it depends how ‘sticky’ it is… id assume it is some how catching the enclosure, I guess it might ‘wear’ a little and so improve. Id probably try a very small amount of silicone grease - you have to be sure whatever you use is not going to long term ‘eat’ the pads.
also, you dont want too much, to start getting into the case, or start coming back out and getting onto the playing surface.

but generally, id wait until you have spoken to Squarp.

The moisturiser* trick worked for a while, but then it went back to being sticky again. I ended up selling it, not because of that (well, partly because I didn’t like the action of the silicon buttons in general), but because I don’t have a consistent enough setup to take advantage of it.
I’d actually purchased a bunch of low profile mechanical switches in the hope of replacing all of the lower pads with nicer keys, but I realised that would have ended up being a bit dodgy :stuck_out_tongue:

* - Neutrogena Fragrance Free Hand Cream, in case anyone was wondering. Not sure what the availability is like outside Australia :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback. I still haven’t heard from Squarp, but I did contact the shop I purchased this from. This is a pretty versatile sequencer and I don’t love cringing every time I need to use that pad!

Are the pads easy to remove once the case is open? I’m thinking about rubbing some graphite into the pad surface. I know that graphite can turn into a mess, and is also conductive, but dry lubricants also usually don’t turn into gunk as readily as liquid lubricants do.

i had same problem from new. sent it back store replaced. all working fine.
serial 1200 or some thing

serial 2599

Yes, the case comes apart pretty easily (putting it back together can be a little fiddly though), and as the pads are all one unit, anything on top is pretty well shielded from the PCB, hence why I was ok with using some moisturiser on mine. Didn’t think of graphite! Would it cause discolouration?

I had a sticky pad on mine from new, lasted a few weeks and eventually just stopped doing it.
I did read somewhere that one person who had it quite bad, took the top off and lightly sanded the inside of the square hole. I think they used one of those multi-sided nail polishers to buff the inside edges.

I’d say discoloration is likely!

I actually just heard back from Squarp; they confirmed that some small number of the pads from their most recent batch have this problem, and are sending me a replacement. Hopefully this takes care of things.

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