Stuck notes! What to do?

I have spent the entire day, trying to figure out what is wrong, and my patience with Hermod is worn thin.
Hermod into FH-2 (Expert Sleepers). Midi track playing 4 note chords. Stuck notes all the time.
If I take the keyboard directly inte FH-2 and play the same: No stuck notes. None.
The keyboard into FH-2 proves that the FH-2/synth setup works flawlessly. But Hermod fails miserably trying to play the same. And yes, several usb cables have been tested.
Should I have any hope?

Hmm, I’ve no issues sending poly midi output from Hermod to my external synths - so it’s something to do with the fh2/Hermod combo.

What I’d do is contact both squarp ( ) and expert sleepers , perhaps they have heard of similar reports…

Which are you using as usb host?

As fh2 and Hermod can both be host and device - have you tried switch which is host , and which is device?

Yes, there is no problem using the midi out from Hermod. And yes, next step is to try out an alternative routing.
I have been using the device output of Hermod.

Update: Using the Host out of Hermod is fine too. So it is just the Device Out that has the stuck notes. I can live with it, but not what I expected.

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Cool that you have it working ,
I’d still raise an issue with es/squarp for the device port… perhaps they can throw some light on it.

( for me, I was using usb device not host… )

Btw did you have clock running into fh2 , that would be a good way to see if some how there was a midi feedback loop - which is a common cause of stuck notes.