Struggling to Set Up Quantize and/or Filtering Out Live Input

Hello fellow Pyramid-users! I am just getting set up with my Pyramid and having trouble getting a key feature for me to work properly. I would like to trigger polyrhythmic arpeggios with my external midi controller (in relatch mode) to play chord progressions. I have this set up fine except for one key issue - the arpeggios restart exactly when I play a chord, and the chord also plays over the arpeggio. This makes it sound choppy and interrupts the arpeggio patterns.

I see two possible solutions to this, but I have been unable to execute either of them. First, I could quantize live input to trigger on the next bar, instead of instantly. (I believe this thread is asking a similar question, but I am not sure if they found a solution: Quantized Live Input? - Pyramid - Squarp Forum). Second, I could filter out the live input, so that the Pyramid only outputs the arpeggiated notes. I am used to the playstyle of playing chords early so that they will trigger on the next bar/beat (before I was using the Hatefish RhyGenerator plugin). If anyone has any insight or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Not sure if I fully understand, but it sounds like you need to disable Midi Thru on the Pyramid, because I think you are getting the Midi Thru’ed note playing first, followed by the quantised note(s)

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Yes, that is correct! However, I do not see any way to disable Midi Thru on the USB out - only midi A or midi B.

Im not 100% clear on the issue here…

I see two ‘issues’ in your OP.

the arpeggios restart exactly when I play a chord

this is as expected…
as you correctly surmised, live input is not subject to quantisation.

there is really no way around this…
you’d really need to raise this as a feature request with Squarp via the contact form, and see if it’s something they might consider adding.

and the chord also plays over the arpeggio

this should not be happening… if the midi is only going thru the Pyramid , then the original notes will NOT be played… the arp ‘consumes’ the chord.
so this issue, is either you have ‘local echo’ not turned off on your keyboard, or something similar.
Id first look to turn off local echo on your synth, as this is the ‘correct’ solution (and available on most synths) - if not, then you might want to review the midi in echo settings, see if that can help.

midi thru on din, is something rather different… basically its almost the opposite of what you want.
it says, pass midi thru to the output regardless of if its processing within the pyramid.
there is no option for this for usb output.
anyway , not relevant for this issue, unless you were using midi B din, in which case set MIDI B to MIDI OUT.

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Hello Techno Bear! Thank you so much for your thorough response, I really appreciate it.

With respect to the second issue, “the chord plays over the arpeggio,” I am not sure what I did to fix it, but I have not had this issue since posting. The main issue remains the first one, that the live input is not quantized. It seems like you’re right that there’s no way around it… I have continued to try to figure something out, with no success. I will have to find a vst or software that can do the quantization for me before sending midi to the Pyramid. If you have any suggestions for software that could do the trick, let me know! Meanwhile I will submit a feature request with Squarp. Thanks again!

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