Stoping Rample when in Layer on mode

I am triggering Rample with 4 external gates. How do I stop it ruining on to the end of the layers when the layer cycling mode is on? I understand there would be a CC stop message probably in MIDI but I want to trigger it with a 4 X gate input.

Hi @CathMart !

I’m not sure what you mean.

Are you referring to the “Run Mode” ?

I have the Rample in random Layer mode.
I am triggering it from the Pyramid through a MIDI to Gate converter.
I have tried it in all 3 Run Modes.
None will allow the Layers to be cycled through and for the whole sound to just Stop on the Stop button being pressed.
Obviously what is happening is the “Cycle” needs to run through.
So how can I have the Layers running through while the sample is being triggered, But! it all STOPS when I hit stop???

I would imagine that using long note length on pyramid, and using the “Gate High Only” run mode would solve that issue.
The STOP on Pyramid would note off the current notes, hence pulling the gates down, and cutting off the samples.

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