Still can’t seem to get my sd card formatted in a way that won’t crash or files vanish

All my issues of not being able to save or getting a fatal error opening a saved song that was fine when I saved it. Or the data being gone from a good saved file, keeps coming back. Working around by saving a million different names of the same song is getting too cumbersome esp since it’s still not always helping. And recovering from backup folder work only sometimes.
I was told it was sd card related and when I formatted on an old laptop its been working better then formatting on my music pc….BUT it’s still happening way too much and I don’t know if it is my unit or what. I’m ready to sell it but I don’t want to sell someone a unit that doesn’t work right. But who knows maybe is just my card formatter and it would be fine for someone else :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you tried a different SD card? Could just be the card itself is knackered, and Pyramid is more sensitive than your laptop.

I have and I really don’t want to think the card included wouldn’t be compatible.,But I was just searching this topic and did see better results with a smaller capacity card, so I just ordered a San Disk ultra 16 and will give that a go.Thanks for reminding to do that.
Is that 4g sd card sold in the squarp store different from the one included with the pyramid?

Thinking more that the card you’re using might be worn out. They unfortunately do not last forever. It would be a bit crap as you’d hope it would last longer, but sometimes you get unlucky.

I had the same behaviour on a Sandisk card I used for my MC-101. I could write to it, but not overwrite, changed the card and everything works fine.

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