Step mode filter and jumping between notes

I can’t seem to jump back and forward between notes as suggested when the filter is activated in step mode. The filter seems to be activated, though the splash screen indicating that the filter is active is not displayed (only the small dot).

I can also not jump to the next note pushing the STEP button. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also the assign button seems to be active when it is not lit? At least in step mode I first have to press it once to make it lit and when I press it again and it is not lit the assign seems to be working as it should. Perhaps I am doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Ok, so all is well. My bad, I had just misunderstood some things. I thought when you were jumping between notes you would jump back and forward in the step direction and not up and down between notes.

And the assign button has two modes of course, one for custom setups (then the button is lit) and default mode (not lit).

Always a good idea to dig further in the manual before asking :slight_smile:


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