Step mode and scales

Hi all, I received my Hapax today - loving it so far!

One thought I had while testing the step mode was why does it blank out unused rows when a scale is applied, rather than just removing the unused note rows altogether? In this photo I’m using a Japanese scale and you’ll see 3 rows are blanked out, which sort of seems like wasted real estate. I’m pretty sure Deluge doesn’t blank out rows, and my cirklon effectively has no blank rows either.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I think it is doing that to keep the display to one octave of notes per screen.

Yep, that makes sense although I’d be happy if all 8 rows were usable over multiple octaves :slight_smile:

yeah, is so that a page = one octave… and you know that the bottom row is alway the root.
(obviously this only works with scales <= 8 intervals)

I get what you mean about ‘waste’, but it cannot really re-use them (for other functions), as how many are not used is entirely dependent on the scale selected… and so if functionality changed ‘per scale’ that would really confused users.

I do think it would be nice of this to be option in scale mode though.
(a bit like split bars is for the similar function related to time axis)

currently we have two choices

  • use in chromatic mode, where this is not the case
  • use in pScale mode , where we have this.

this would be a bit like in Live, where we can do things like only show scale notes, and also fold notes (notes in use)

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