Step + Encoder shortcut no longer works :/

The shortcut for scrubbing through notes in a sequence (step + single encoder press) no longer works with version 1.5 which is a bummer because I use this feature as a performance tool to avoid bringing a midi keyboard on stage for one song. Anyone else have issues with this or know if it was purposely removed?

Seems the same here
(hadn’t noticed previously as don’t really use it)

It’s still in manual, so I’d guess it’s a bug - possibly a side effect of changes for the new shortcuts!?

Log a bug for it on the contact form.

Ok, glad it wasn’t just me. I logged it just before posting on here. I hope it gets fixed in the next update. Gonna go back to the most previous version until that happens though, I can’t play my bands intro track without that feature :grimacing:

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