Starting Sequences at their beggining (like on a RS)

Good evening. I’m just starting with the Pyramid, and I’m very happy to have (finally!) found a small and powerfull sequencer for the stage. I’m an old RS 7000 user and I could never find anything close in term of fast composition, ergonomy and playability. I see many similarities between the two sequencers, and I wonder if there is a way to start sequences (or patterns) at their very beggining without waiting for the end of it. It would be a restart (and eventually, a roll, a beat repeat, when keeping pressing, synchronized, at desired time, 1/4 till 16/1). The RS allows that and this is extremely powerfull, for instance to create beats with the beggining of various patterns (or sequences), or to make violent changes, radical transitions. Some very specific music styles and improvisations phases need such option.

I also have many propositions and requests about the playability, but I’ve just read that I should send an email directly to the team. I will.

Anyway, thank you for the good work. Stunning machine !

(et je dis cocorico ; )

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I think you are after “Track Run Mode”

Press 2nd+Track, then the second option is Run Mode. There are three options, and the one you want is Relatch (basically the icon looks like this image )

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Thank you. It helps for the sequence mode, if all tracks are manually set on Relatch. But then if I make a Track mute during a performance, the specified track restart at the beggining as well (and only him), wich disrupts the arrangement (especially the breaks and bridges).

It would be nice to have a Relatch just in Sequence mode… and still an eye on the mute section.

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