Start/Stop with Gate Clock not possible?

Hi, when I use the Gate Clock from my Hapax and press Start, the synths would not run. They get the clock though. As far as I remember from my Volca Jams, Start/Stop via analog clock was never an issue.

Am I missing some option in the settings?

Can you give us more information? Which synths are you using? Are you sending the clock via the gate out? Do the synths need a start/stop signal in a separate input? Do the synths need you to hit a play button to run to the clock?

Yes, I am sending the clock via the gate out. That’s what I wrote :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not so much into modular / analog. So maybe I’m just an idiot. Here is what I mean:

When I connect two or more Volcas with the stereo jack cables, that came with the Volcas (Sync out → Sync in and so on), and when I press start on the first Volca in the chain, then the other Volcas get the start signal and clock and immediately start their sequences. That’s cool.

When I connect the same stereo jack cable from the Hapxes Gate Out to the Volcas Sync in (or any other synthesizer with a Sync in port), then the synth get’s the clock but does not start it’s sequence. That’s not so cool.

I just want to understand why. What’s the difference?

I have the feeling that’s it’s not the Hapaxes fault and that I do not unterstand the nature of analog clock.

The CV sync is indeed quite different from the MIDI world: the clock is a “pulse” over one wire, and start/stop is a high/low signal on another. (Reset on third, guess this is relatively optional)
Which gate sens which is configurable on the Hapax, see Hapax Manual | Squarp instruments

This is unfamiliar territory for me too and I dont know what kind of cables come with Volcas, but you may need different cables for it, AIUI the gate outs are mono (somebody correct me if this is not the case)

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That is not what you wrote which is why I asked for clarification. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Volcas should accept the gate signal. They do require you press play on the Volca, though. If that doesn’t work, I might try the DIN sync method.

Ok, I learned start/stop with analog clock is simply not intended, like it is with midi. So no wonder the synths don’t start the sequence, when play on the synth is not pressed. I had remembered the Volcas could do that, but that’s wrong memory, sorry.

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All good. There’s so little consistency between devices, it’s easy to forget.